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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
NCBI Gene - NCBI Gene United States 1802unstable72.08
euL1db - European database of L1HS retrotransposon insertions in humans France 2unstable0.93
Islander - Database of Genomic Islands United States 4alive2.00
MethBank - Methylation Bank China 6alive3.00
DBTSS - DataBase of Transcriptional Start Sites Japan 767alive51.13
EPD - Eukaryotic Promoter Database Switzerland 32alive16.00
Gbshape - Genome Browser Database for DNA Shape Annotations United States 8alive4.00
TTSMI - triplex target DNA site Mapping and Integration database Singapore 1alive0.50
UniPROBE - Universal PBM Resource for Oligonucleotide Binding Evaluation United States 363alive45.38
lncRNASNP China 17alive8.16
InParanoid - ortholog groups with inparalogs Sweden 1253alive103.37
OMA - The Orthologous Matrix project United Kingdom 153unstable22.95
OrthoDB - Orthologs Database Switzerland 468alive52.00
MBGD - Microbial Genome Database Japan 279alive19.73
REBASE - The Restriction Enzyme Database United States 927alive66.21
Platinum - Protein-ligand affinity change upon mutation United Kingdom 0unstable0.00
PoSSuM - Pocket Similarity Search using Multiple-Sketches Japan 24alive4.75
Viral Genomes - Viral Genomes United States 0unstable0.00
ViRBase - virus-host ncRna interaction database China 0alive0.00
VirHostNet - Virus-Host Network France 93unstable10.00
RefSeq genome - Reference Sequence Based on Genomes United States 211unstable51.69
MyMpn - The Mycoplasma pneumoniae database Spain 11unstable4.95
PAIDB - Pathogenicity Island Database Korea Rep. 110unstable7.88
DB-AT - Database of Apicomplexa Transcriptomes Germany 2alive1.00
PHI-base - Pathogen-Host Interactions database United Kingdom 340alive30.60
PomBase United Kingdom 131unstable24.37
Ensembl - Ensembl United Kingdom 12662alive827.25
UCSC Genome Browser - University of California, Santa Cruz Genome Browser United States 6429alive459.21
Genomicus - Genomes in Evolution France 182alive25.74
FlyBase - Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes United States 3836alive166.78 United States 12alive6.00
VectorBase - Bioinformatics Resource for Invertebrate Vectors of Human Pathogens United States 382unstable10.31
i5k Workspace@NAL United States 10alive5.00
iBeetle-Base - A database of Tribolium RNAi phenotypes Germany 0alive0.00
MGD - Mouse Genome Database United States 2658alive132.90
RGD - Rat Genome Database United States 60alive29.70
SuperFly Spain 0alive0.00
Xenbase - Xenopus model organism database Canada 214alive23.78
DoGSD - Dog Genome SNP Database China 5alive2.47
AFND - Allele Frequency Net Database United Kingdom 39alive9.75
GRASP - Genome-Wide Repository of Associations between SNPs and Phenotypes United States 28unstable4.67
COSMIC - Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer United Kingdom 4018alive305.99
The UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser United States 187unstable6.31
MTB - Mouse Tumor Biology System United States 105alive6.56
arrayMap Switzerland 0unstable0.00
BCCTBbp - Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank Bioinformatics Portal United Kingdom 3alive1.44
CCGD - Candidate Cancer Gene Database United States 8alive4.00
CMPD - Cancer Mutant Proteome Database Taiwan 0unstable0.00
MethHC - A database of DNA Methylation and gene expression in Human Cancer Taiwan 18alive8.91
VaDE - VarySysDB Disease Edition Japan 0alive0.00
DAA - Digital Ageing Atlas United Kingdom 9alive4.50
DDMGD - database of diseases associated gene methylation in different species Saudi Arabia 2unstable0.87
Dr.VIS - Viral integration sites China 14unstable1.99
EpilepsyGene - EpilepsyGene database China 3unstable1.26
Organ system heterogeneity DB - A Database for the Visualization of Phenotypes at the Organ System Level Germany 0alive0.00
PLAZA - An online platform for plant comparative genomics Belgium 196unstable21.56
Plastid-LCGbase - The Plastid Lineage-based Conserved Gene-pair Database China 2unstable0.69
AraNet - Probabilistic Functional Gene Network of Arabidopsis thaliana Korea Rep. 0alive0.00
Araport - Arabidopsis Information Portal United States 9unstable1.22
CATdb - Complete Arabidopsis Transcriptome database France 0alive0.00
RiceVarMap - Rice Variation Map China 9alive4.45
SNP-Seek database - SNP-Seek Database Philippines 53unstable20.14
CGH - Coffee Genome Hub France 3alive1.50
SGN - Sol Genomics Network United States 0unstable0.00
HGNC - HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee United Kingdom 612unstable61.20
NCBI Taxonomy Database - NCBI Taxonomy Database
United States 13unstable3.18
diArk - Database for Eukaryotic Genome Research Germany 16alive1.60
United Kingdom 13alive6.43
GeneFriends - GeneFriends:RNAseq United Kingdom 31alive6.20
ImmuCo - a database of gene Co-expression and Correlation in Immune cells China 4unstable1.84
Cyclebase - Cell-cycle Database Denmark 105unstable10.38
VCGDB - Virtual Chinese Genome Database China 1alive0.33
uORFdb - upstream open reading frames database Germany 22unstable5.79
NDB - Nucleic Acid Database
United States 28alive9.15
JASPAR Canada 2924alive220.42
TFBSshape - DNA shape features of transcription factor binding sites United States 39alive13.00
CollecTF - Database of Transcription Factor Binding Sites United States 31dead0.00
YEASTRACT - Yeast Search for Transcriptional Regulators And Consensus Tracking Portugal 793alive71.37
OnTheFly - TF and TFBS On The Fly United States 9unstable1.08
BloodChIP Australia 11unstable1.50
DPRP - Database of Phenotype-specific Regulatory Programs Taiwan 0alive0.00
eggNOG - Database of Orthologous Groups and Functional Annotation
Germany 107alive35.31
Laminin-database Brazil 4unstable1.27
CentrosomeDB Spain 58unstable6.89
Germany 43alive4.78
MetaCyc database - A database describing metabolic pathways and enzymes from all domains of life.
United States 199unstable33.17
Ensembl Genomes - Ensembl Genome Annotation System United Kingdom 293alive41.86
IMG - Integrated Microbial Genomes United States 568unstable28.40
DEG - Database of Essential Genes China 573alive44.08
EBI Metagenomics - EBI Metagenomics
United Kingdom 32unstable9.17
GGBN - Global Genome Biodiversity Network Germany 28alive9.24
MetaRef - A pan-genomic database for microbial genomics Italy 9unstable2.85
POGO-DB - Database of Pairwise-comparisons Of Genomes and universal Orthologous genes United States 4alive1.33
DOOR - Database of Prokaryotic Operons United States 218alive26.98
Virus Variation - Virus Variation United States 21unstable3.36
CyanoBase Japan 36alive12.00
RhizoBase Japan 19alive6.27
HoPaCI-DB - The Host-Pseudomonas and Coxiella Interaction database France 3unstable0.94
PortEco - potral for E. coli research United States 13alive4.16
SporeWeb Netherlands 11alive3.67
MycoCosm - The fungal genomics resource United States 93unstable27.59
AspGD - Aspergillus Gene Database United States 117alive23.17
CGD - Candida Genome Database United States 167alive33.07
SGD - Saccharomyces Genome Database United States 772alive154.40
YeastNet - Probabilistic Functional Gene Network of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Korea Rep. 17alive5.67
BacMet - Antibacterial Biocide and Metal Resistance Genes Database Sweden 16unstable5.01
RefSeq - Reference Sequence Database United States 6794unstable195.83
VEGA - Vertebrate Genome Annotation United Kingdom 368alive30.36
WormBase - WormBase Canada 2150alive134.38
WormQTLHD - A Web Database for Linking Human Disease to Natural Variation Data in C. elegans. Netherlands 27alive6.75
IMPC - International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium United Kingdom 44alive14.52
MPD - Mouse Phenome Database United States 201unstable16.88
GeneProf - GeneProf United Kingdom 44unstable8.27
CCDS - Consensus Coding Sequence United States 394unstable13.30
LRG - Locus Reference Genomic United Kingdom 155alive22.14
ExoLocator - ExoLocator Singapore 5alive1.63
AgeFactDB - Ageing Factor Database Germany 8alive2.67
PhylomeDB - Phylome DataBase Spain 241alive26.78
dbPSHP - Database of Positive Selection across Human Populations Hong Kong SAR China 16alive5.33
Selectome - A Database of Positive Selection Switzerland 43alive5.32
TreeFam - database of phylogenetic trees United Kingdom 529alive48.09
Expression Atlas - Expression Atlas United Kingdom 90unstable26.70
CellFinder Germany 5alive1.67
dbGaP - Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes United States 85unstable13.88
ClinVar - variation-phenotype relationships United States 944unstable154.19
DGV - Database of Genomic Variants Canada 233alive77.67
DECIPHER - Database of Chromosomal Imbalance and Phenotype in Humans using Ensembl Resources. United Kingdom 41unstable3.69
NECTAR - Non-synonymous Enriched Coding muTation ARchive United Kingdom 0alive0.00
FINDbase - Frequency of Inherited Disorders Database Greece 111alive11.10
InvFEST - Human Polymorphic Inversion DataBase Spain 14alive4.67
rSNPBase - A Database for Curated Regulatory SNPs China 35alive11.67
canSAR United Kingdom 70unstable13.30
DriverDB - database for cancer driver gene/mutation Taiwan 18alive6.00
Progenetix Switzerland 179unstable9.73
HbVar - Human Hemoglobin Variants and Thalassemias United States 510alive39.23
P-MITE - Plant Miniature Inverted Transposable Element database China 24unstable7.60
PlantTFDB - Plant Transcription Factor Database China 684unstable47.88
ppdb - plantpromoterdb Japan 19alive6.33
Gramene - A comparative resource for plants United States 79alive26.33
LSD - Leaf Senescence DataBase China 42unstable6.23
RiceWiki China 7alive2.31
CottonGen United States 42alive14.00
GDR - Genome Database for Rosaceae United States 343unstable24.27
MitoBreak - The mitochondrial DNA breakpoints database Portugal 4alive1.31
ENCODE - Encyclopedia of DNA Elements United States 2053unstable42.64
Dfam - Dfam United States 58unstable9.86
SINEBase - A Database and Tools for SINE Analysis Russian Federation 27alive6.62
DoriC - Database of oriC regions in Bacterial and Archaeal genomes China 111unstable9.99
Non-B DB - A Database for Integrated Annotations and Analysis of non-B DNA Forming Motifs United States 68dead0.00
UCNEbase - A database of ultraconserved non-coding elements and genomic regulatiory blocks Switzerland 20alive5.00
APPRIS - Annotating Principal Splice Isoforms Spain 39alive9.75
HEXEvent - Human EXon splicing Events database United States 14alive3.36
GeneTack database - GeneTack database United States 6dead0.00
Factorbook - Factorbook United States 61unstable3.96
CTCFBSDB - CTCF Binding Sites and Genome Organization Database United States 118alive12.98
HOCOMOCO - Homo Sapiens Comprehensive Model Collection Russian Federation 62alive15.50
SwissRegulon - A Database of Genome-wide Annotations of Regulatory Sites Switzerland 118unstable7.91
NCBI Epigenomics - NCBI Epigenomics United States 51unstable2.38
SwissSidechain - A Molecular and Structural Database of Non-natural Sidechains
Switzerland 16alive4.00
OrtholugeDB - A Bacterial and Archaeal Orthology Resource Canada 17alive4.21
The Genome Properties database - The Genome Properties database United States 65unstable14.95
ClusterMine360 Canada 26alive6.43
DoBISCUIT - Database of BIoSynthesis clusters CUrated and InTegrated
Japan 27alive6.75
KIDFamMap - Kinase-inhibitor-disease family map Taiwan 6alive1.50
SIFTS - Structure Integration with Function, Taxonomy and Sequence
United Kingdom 50alive12.50
NPIDB - Nucleic acid-Protein Interaction DataBase
Russian Federation 46alive4.55
DGA - Database of Disease and Gene Annotations China 23alive5.75
United States 99alive24.75 - Gene Annotation Query as a Service
United States 99alive24.75
HBVdb - Hepatitis B Virus database France 16unstable1.24
PaVE - PapillomaVirus Episteme United States 83unstable8.09
PR2 - Protist Ribosomal Reference Database France 80alive20.00
EcoGene - The EcoGene Database of Escherichia coli Sequence and Function United States 312unstable16.33
ECMDB - Escherichia coli Metabolome Database Canada 32alive8.00
MicroScope - Microbial Genome Annotation & Analysis Platform France 195alive48.26
metaMicrobesOnline - Phylogenomic Analysis of Microbial Communities United States 5alive1.24
SecReT4 - Type IV Secretion System Resource China 21unstable4.83
SEVA - Standard European Vector Architecture Spain 87alive21.75
dictyBase - Database for Dictyostelium Discoideum United States 128alive16.00
EuPathDB - The Eukaryotic Pathogen database United States 168alive23.76
GenColors - GenColors Germany 17alive1.40
LAMP - Library of Apicomplexan Metabolic Pathways United Kingdom 19alive4.75
CFGP - Comparative Fungal Genomics Platform Korea Rep. 102unstable7.14
NetwoRx - Connecting Drugs to Networks and Phenotypes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Canada 6alive1.49
SchistoDB - Schistosoma Genomic Resources Brazil 94alive11.63
WDDD - Worm Developmental Dynamics Database Japan 4alive1.00
FlyAtlas - Drosophila gene expression atlas United Kingdom 983alive98.30
MonarchBase - The Monarch Butterfly Genome Database United States 23unstable5.41
WholeCellKB - WholeCellKB United States 16alive4.00
OikoBase - A curated genome expression database of Oikopleura dioica Norway 16unstable3.76
ZFIN - Zebrafish Information Network United States 899alive44.50
ZInC - Zebrafish Insertional Collection United States 15unstable1.80
QTLdb - Animal QTL database United States 143unstable28.96
H2DB - Heritability Database Annotating with Trait-Associated Genomic Loci Japan 1alive0.25
RhesusBase China 12unstable2.79
H-InvDB - H-Invitational Database Japan 109alive12.11
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology - Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology France 1188alive69.88
GTR - National Institutes of Health Genetic Testing Registry United States 33unstable4.04
dbVar - Database of Genomic Structural Variation United States 41unstable4.92
DGVa - The Database of Genomic Variants archive
United Kingdom 41unstable9.22
TP53 mutation database France 30unstable5.70
TSGene - tumor suppressor gene database United States 89unstable5.56
HemaExplorer Denmark 49unstable9.31
INTERFEROME Australia 224alive27.44
Clone DB
United States 6unstable0.74
MIPS PlantsDB - Plant Genome and Systems Biology Germany 43alive10.75
PIECE - Plant Intron Exon Comparison and Evolution database United States 27unstable3.65
PRGdb Italy 98unstable4.06
TropGeneDB - tropical gene database France 34alive2.54
RGKbase - Rice Genome Knowledgebase China 9unstable1.55
RiceXPro - Rice Expression Profile Database Japan 189alive30.56
IMGT/HLA United Kingdom 370unstable83.25
InnateDB Canada 339unstable31.26
DOR - DDBJ Omics Archive
Japan 35alive6.93
DDBJ BioProject - The DNA Data Bank of Japan BioProject
Japan 35alive6.93
GeneDB - GeneDB United Kingdom 92alive18.22
IMG/M - Integrated Microbial Genomes and Metagenomes United States 605unstable18.15
MAPPER2 - Multi-genome Analysis of Positions and Patterns of Elements of Regulation United States 116unstable8.51
YeTFaSCo - Yeast Transcription Factor Specificity Compendium Canada 31alive6.20
DBG2I - Database for bacterial group II introns Canada 37unstable4.22
VIRsiRNAdb - database of viral siRNA/shRNA India 17alive3.40
ConoServer - Database for Conopeptides Australia 205unstable19.13
NucleaRDB - Information System for Nuclear Receptors
Netherlands 209unstable3.40
Polbase - Polymerase Database United States 8unstable0.43
MINAS - Metal Ions in Nucleic Acids
Switzerland 15alive3.00
MMDB - Macromolecular Database
United States 79unstable7.74
GOLD - Genomes On Line Database United States 1646unstable40.40
HFV - Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses (HFV) Database United States 9alive1.78
ViPR - virus pathogene resourse United States 57alive11.40
BacMap Canada 47alive3.92
ICEberg - ICEberg is a web-based resource for integrative and conjugative elements found in Bacteria. China 52unstable9.57
ProOpDB - Prokaryotic Operon DataBase Mexico 61alive11.96
ProPortal - Prochlorococcus Portal United States 18alive3.56
VFDB - Virulence Factor Database China 448alive37.33
CADRE - Central Aspergillus Resource United Kingdom 92unstable6.23
FungiDB - FungiDB United States 47alive9.40
OriDB - DNA Replication Origin Database United Kingdom 159alive15.90
PhenoM - Phenomics of yeast Mutants Canada 196unstable25.20
FlyRNAi - Drosophila RNAi screening center database United States 104unstable8.23
Nematode - United States 163alive12.54
Predictive networks United States 24unstable4.22
Newt-omics - A Comprehensive Repository for Omics Data from the Newt notophthalmus viridescens Germany 20alive4.00
OGEE - Online GEne Essentiality database China 77alive15.40
zfishbook - zebrafish book United States 3alive0.59
HGPD - Human Gene and Protein Database Japan 36alive4.50
HaploReg United States 457unstable79.52
SNPeffect - Single Nucleotide Variants Belgium 261alive21.75
IGDB.NSCLC - Integrated Genomic Database of Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma Taiwan 10alive1.98
NCG - Network of Cancer Genes Italy 51alive10.20
UMD-BRCA1/BRCA2 - Universal mutation database-BRCA1/BRCA2 France 23dead0.00
ADHDgene - Database for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder China 27alive5.40
ALFRED - The ALlele FREquency Database United States 74unstable2.17
AutismKB China 74unstable9.32
BGMUT - Blood Group Antigen Gene Mutation Database United States 43unstable4.21
DiseaseMeth - Human Disease Methylation Database China 56alive10.75
DistiLD - Database of Diseases and Traits in Linkage Disequilibrium Denmark 17alive3.40
GWASdb - GWASdb Hong Kong SAR China 82alive16.40
GeneSigDB - Gene Signature DataBase United States 123unstable13.35
modMine - A Data Warehouse for the modENCODE Project United Kingdom 50unstable9.10
OligoGenome - Stanford Human Oligo Genome Project United States 3unstable0.48
PrimerBank United States 1063unstable66.06
HmtDB - Human Mitochondrial DataBase Italy 99unstable5.77
MitoMiner - A database of the mitochondrial proteome
United Kingdom 97alive12.00
MitoZoa - MitoZoa Italy 66dead0.00
Phytozome - The Plant Genomics Resource United States 746unstable40.28
GABI-Kat SimpleSearch - GABI-Kat SimpleSearch Germany 206alive14.71
LegumeIP - An Integrative Platform to Study Gene Function and Genome Evolution in Legumes United States 27alive5.18
DNAtraffic - DNAtraffic Poland 3unstable0.52
MethylomeDB - database containing genome-wide brain DNA methylation profiles United States 33unstable2.64
Gene Wiki - Gene Wiki United States 113unstable4.36
EcoliWiki - EcoliWiki United States 24unstable4.27
Xanthusbase - Myxococcus xanthus databse United States 16unstable0.53
959 Nematode Genomes United Kingdom 47unstable8.55
SNPedia United States 67unstable11.39
KGVDB Korea Rep. 4dead0.04
GyDB - The Gypsy Database Spain 127alive13.83
ASPicDB - Alternative Splicing Database
Italy 75dead0.00
DBASS - Databases of Aberrant 3'-ss and 5'-ss in Human Disease Genes Italy 19alive3.17
MPromDb - Mammalian Promoter Database United States 79dead0.00
FlyFactorSurvey - Database of DNA binding specificities for Drosophila transcription factors (TFs) United States 78alive13.00
REDfly - Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila United States 284alive25.56
WebGeSTerDB - Web Genome scanner fot terminators database India 33alive5.39
RepTar - A Database of Inverse miRNA Target Predictions Israel 33unstable5.12
tRNADB-CE - The tRNA Gene DataBase Curated manually by experts
Japan 69alive8.54
AgBase United States 301alive27.36
IGRhCellID - Integrated Genomic Resources of Human Cell Lines for Identification Taiwan 2alive0.33
ODB - Operon DataBase Japan 79alive9.88
PhEVER - phylogenetic exploration of virues' evolutionary relationships France 4unstable0.10
Pseudomonas Genome DB Canada 565alive70.63
PSSRdb - Polymorphic Simple Sequence Repeats database India 6unstable0.59
TADB - Toxin-antitoxin Data Base China 94unstable14.26
AmoebaDB - Amoeba Genome Resource United States 35alive5.83
MicrosporidiaDB - Microsporidia Genomics Resource United States 35alive5.83
ParameciumDB - Paramecium Database France 128alive12.80
FGDB - Fusarium graminearum Genome Databas Germany 128unstable9.43
YPA - Yeast Promoter Atlas Taiwan 25unstable3.00
HGD - The Hymenoptera Genome Database United States 121alive19.76
KaPPA-View4 - Kazusa Plant Pathway Viewer Japan 36alive6.00
DroID - Drosophila Interactions Database United States 183alive20.33
RegPhos - Regulatory Network in Protein Phosphorylation Taiwan 49alive8.09
cBARBEL - Catfish Genome Database United States 26unstable1.30
BGD - Bovine Genome Database United States 42alive5.88
IKMC - The International Knockout Mouse Consortium United States 62unstable4.24
TIARA - Total Integrated Archive of Short-Read and Array database Korea Rep. 15alive2.48
DAnCER - Disease Annotated Chromatin Epigenetics Resource Canada 17alive2.78
dbCRID - Chromosomal Rearrangements In Diseases United States 23unstable0.35
dbDNV - DNV Database Taiwan 11unstable1.49
IGDD India 13unstable1.71
VnD - Variations and Drugs Korea Rep. 7dead0.00
CaSNP China 17unstable2.13
CCDB - Cervical Cancer Gene Database India 42alive7.00
DDPC - Dragon Database of Genes associated with Prostate Cancer South Africa 26unstable4.03
CADgene - Coronary Artery Disease Gene Database China 42unstable6.30
T1DBase - type 1 diabetes susceptibility Base United Kingdom 178unstable6.53
MitoGenesisDB - Mitochondrial Spatio-Temporal Expression Database France 3alive0.50
GreenPhylDB - GreenPhylDB France 130unstable4.04
NIASGBdb - NIAS Genebank database Japan 14alive2.31
AGRIS - Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server United States 701alive50.07
AHD2 - Arabidopsis Hormone Database 2.0 China 60unstable4.20
TFGD - Tomato Functional Genomics Database United States 46alive7.67
HOMD - The Human Oral Microbiome Database United States 216alive30.86
Shewanella knowledgebase United States 12dead0.00
MRB - Mouse Resource Browser Greece 3alive0.43
CGDSNPdb - Center for Genome Dynamics Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Database United States 7dead0.00
BrainTrap - Fly Brain Protein Trap Database United Kingdom 14alive1.96
TRedD - Tandem Repeats Database United States 12unstable0.46
OpenFluDB - A Database for Human and Animal Influenza Virus Switzerland 17alive2.43
Varietas - Varietas Finland 8dead0.00
AthaMap - Arabidopsis thaliana Map Germany 275alive20.94
GermOnline - GermOnline France 63unstable4.41
GeneCards - GeneCards Israel 900unstable27.00
HyperCAT Norway 20alive2.77
RAC - Repository of Antibiotic Australia 15dead0.00
CPGR - Comprehensive Phytopathogen Genomics Resource United States 10alive1.67
Neisseria Base - A Comparative Genomics Database for Neisseria Meningitidis United States 5dead0.00
ICGC - International Cancer Genome Consortium Data Portal Canada 80dead0.00
SigReannot-mart France 7alive1.16
modENCODE - The model organism Encyclopedia of DNA Elements United States 18alive3.00
The strategies WDK United States 9alive1.49
TparvaDB - Theileria parva vaccine development Database Kenya 2dead0.00
the CEREALAB database - Cereals genotypic phenotypic source Italy 16unstable1.68
LPS-annotate Canada 8dead0.03
QlicRice - QTL and Loci Interaction Channels in Rice India 6unstable0.35
DFVF - Database of Known Fungal Virulence Factors United States 5alive0.99
MuteinDB - The Mutein Database
Austria 4dead0.00
The gene-specific codon counting database - The gene-specific codon counting database United States 8dead0.00
dbPTB - Database for Preterm Birth United States 16alive3.20
BFGR - Biofuel Feedstock Genomics Resource United States 12alive2.40
TGD Wiki - Tetrahymena genome database Wiki United States 8alive1.60
Aptamer base - Aptamer database
Canada 21unstable1.13
United Kingdom 10dead0.00
RefPrimeCouch - A Reference Gene Primer CouchApp Germany 1unstable0.18
United States 6alive1.50
RAvariome - Rheumatoid Arthritis Genetic Variants Database Japan 4alive1.00
yApoptosis - yeast apoptosis database Sweden 1alive0.25
IQdb - IQ genetic database China 8unstable0.44
metabolicMine - metabolicMine United Kingdom 10dead0.00
BGDB - Bivalent Genes Database China 4unstable0.06
BmTEdb - Bombyx mori Transposable Elements Database China 10unstable2.20
ESCAPE - Embryonic Stem Cell Atlas from Pluripotency Evidence United States 23alive5.75
The Banana Genome Hub France 19alive4.75
RiceSRTFDB - Rice Stress-Responsive Transcription Factor Database India 9alive2.20
hLGDB - The Human lysosome Gene Database Italy 6alive1.49
Variome - Variome Japan 4unstable0.61
YY1TargetDB - Yin Yang 1 Target loci Database Hong Kong SAR China 3alive0.75
T-HOD - Text-mined Hypertension, Obesity and Diabetes candidate gene database Taiwan 9unstable2.09
Nencki Genomics Database - Ensembl Funcgen Enhanced With Intersections, User Data and Genome-wide TFBS Motifs. Poland 5alive1.23
BBGRE - Brain & Body Genetic Resource Exchange United Kingdom 2unstable0.03
GnpIS - Genetic and Genomic Information System France 9unstable0.68
CHD@ZJU - Coronary Heart Disease Research Platform China 7unstable0.66
eFG - Electronic Resource for Fusarium Graminearum China 1alive0.25
dbWFA - Database of Wheat Functional Annotation France 2unstable0.15
Eimeria TDB - The Eimeria Transcript DB Brazil 3alive0.75
pseudoMap Taiwan 10alive2.50
PIPEMicroDB - PIgeonPEa Microsatellite DataBase India 5dead0.00
bc-GenExMiner - Breast Cancer Gene-Expression Miner France 13alive3.25
HGV&TB - Database for Human Genes and Genetic Variants associated with Tuberculosis India 0unstable0.00
ChloroSSRdb - Chloroplastic Simple Sequence Repeats Database India 5unstable1.27
MelGene - Field Synopsis of Genetic Association Studies in Cutaneous Melanoma Greece 4unstable1.16
DEOP - Database on Osmoprotectants and Associated Pathways Saudi Arabia 4unstable1.24
MetaProx - The Database of Metagenomic Proximons Canada 2alive0.67
CarrotDB China 14unstable3.73
LiverCancerMarkerRIF Taiwan 2unstable0.56
FusoBase - online Fusobacterium comparative genomic analysis platform Malaysia 0unstable0.00
LeishMicrosatDB - Database of leishmania genomic sequence repeats India 2unstable0.61
RTeQTL - Real-Time Online Engine for Expression Quantitative Trait Loci
United States 1unstable0.28
IFIM - Integrated Fitness Information for Microbial genes China 4unstable1.15
Osteosarcoma Database - An Osteosarcoma-gene Association Database Germany 4alive1.32
HeteroGenome Russian Federation 2unstable0.63
dbCRY - Cryptochrome Database
Korea Rep. 2unstable0.46
EpimiR - Database of Curated Mutual Regulation Between epigenetic Modifications and miRNAs China 8unstable1.79
DBatVir - the Database of Bat-Associated Viruses China 5alive1.67
BambooGDB - Bamboo Genome Database China 12unstable2.60
ALE-HSA21 - AnaLysis of Expression of HSA21 Italy 5alive1.67
tbvar - Mycobacterium tuberculosis variome resource India 5unstable1.58
WholeCellSimDB United States 4unstable1.20
ChiloDB - Chilo suppressalis Database China 11unstable2.05
RetinoGenetics China 5alive1.60
MorusDB - the Morus Genome Database China 4unstable0.80
CancerEST United Kingdom 3alive1.00
Zebrafish GenomeWiki - 'Wiki'-based resource to provide an altruistic shared environment for collective annotation of zebrafish genes India 3unstable0.95
StaphyloBase Malaysia 1unstable0.25
DBM-DB - Diamondback Moth Genome Database China 20unstable5.73
BioCyc database United States 1unstable0.30
BioXpress United States 5unstable0.70
DisGeNET - DisGeNET Spain 185alive26.43
DroughtDB - Drought Stress Gene Database Germany 2alive1.00
PTGBase - Plant Tandem duplicated Genes dataBase China 1unstable0.44
LOTUS-DB - Lotus database China 0unstable0.00
Follicle Online - Follicle Online
China 1dead0.00
GraP - Platform of Functional Genomics Analysis in Gossypium raimondii China 1unstable0.47
RAP-DB - Rice Annotation Project Database Japan 286alive31.14
3DGD - 3D Genome Database China 6unstable1.08
dbNSFP - database for nonsynonymous SNPs' functional predictions United States 261dead1.30
MycoRRdb - Mycobacterium Regulatory Region Database India 2alive0.40
NGS catalog - A Database of Next Generation Sequencing Studies in Humans United States 23unstable1.15
PaGenBase - Pattern Gene Database China 8unstable1.80
The HTLV-1 database Brazil 7alive1.40
United States 1alive0.33
KMeyeDB - Keio Mutation eye Databases Japan 2unstable0.26
PHYMYCO-DB France 15alive2.88
PIGD - Poaceae Intronless Genes Database China 1unstable0.13
Genevar - GENe Expression VARiation United Kingdom 231alive32.67
AluHunter United States 4alive0.67
Sinbase - Sesamum indicum database China 14unstable6.16
HTRIdb - Human Transcriptional Regulation Interaction Database Brazil 45unstable6.57
VTCdb - ViTis Co-expression DataBase Australia 10alive2.50
KONAGAbase - KONAGAbase Japan 19alive4.66
RARGE II - Arabidopsis Genome Encyclopedia Japan 7alive2.31
RiceFOX - Rice Full-length cDNA Over-expressed Arabidopsis Mutant database Japan 41alive6.70
SyStemCell China 6unstable0.97
MCG - Maize Cell Genomics Database United States 4alive2.00
LegumeTFDB - LegumeTFDB Japan 44unstable2.89
SABRE2 - Systematic consolidation of Arabidopsis and other Botanical REsources Japan 3alive1.00
microPIR - microRNA-Promoter Interaction Resource Thailand 17alive3.37
seeQTL United States 58alive11.60
MTTD - Medicago Truncatula Transporter database China 6unstable0.74 - WheatGenome.information Australia 30alive5.94
MirSNP - A collection of human SNPs in predicted miRNA target sites. China 67unstable12.60
MGDB_1 - Microarray Marker Genes Database
Uruguay 4unstable0.56
RadishBase - a genomic and genetic database for radish China 11alive2.75
STPD - salinity tolerant poplar database China 0unstable0.00
miRvar - A comprehensive database for genomic variations in microRNAs India 22unstable3.48
RCPedia - a database of retrocopied genes. Brazil 5unstable0.72
CIG-DB - Cancer-related Immunological Gene Database Japan 3unstable0.20
MPID-T2 - MHC-Peptide Interaction Database-TR version 2 Australia 8unstable0.72
Bioclock - The Aedes aegypti Circadian Database United States 2alive0.64
CAP - Citrus sinensis Annotation Project China 8alive2.64
Sparus aurata transcriptomic database - Sparus aurata transcriptomic database Spain 31unstable6.28
CmMDb - Cucumis melo Microsatellites Database India 0alive0.00
DIGAP - Database of improved gene annotation for phytopathogens China 5unstable0.55
EnchyBASE - EnchyBASE Portugal 8alive1.58
GEPdb - Genotype-Expression-Phenotype Database Korea Rep. 1alive0.33
LincSNP China 24alive7.68
ERISdb - ERISdb Poland 7alive1.73
Bolbase - The Brassica oleracea Genome Database China 33unstable7.26
EuroPineDB - SustainPine Database Spain 31alive5.12
MARMAL-AID - A Database for Infinium HumanMethylation450 United Kingdom 16alive3.96
CEG - Cluster of Essential Genes
China 6unstable1.20
MSigDB - Molecular Signatures Database United States 415unstable60.87
CORE United States 76unstable12.03
Rice Annotation Project Database (RAP-DB) Japan 117alive29.25
LOVD - Leiden Open Variation Database France 33dead0.00
SurvExpress Mexico 37unstable6.47
DeOri - Database of Eukaryotic DNA Replication Origins China 12unstable2.11
HapRice Japan 13alive4.29
hmChIP United States 28alive4.67
hPDI - Human Protein-DNA Interactome database United States 41alive5.68
HSC-explorer - hematopoietic stem cell explorer Germany 6unstable1.32
DBBP - DataBase of Binding Pairs in protein-nucleic acid interactions Skip Navigation Links
Korea Rep. -unstable-
dbCPCO - dbCPCO Canada 14alive1.98
DNAVaxDB - DNA vaccine database
United States 9alive3.00
footprintDB - footprintDB
Spain 9alive3.00
IthaGenes - Interactive archive of all sequence variations affecting haemoglobin disorders Cyprus 5alive1.63
Liverome - A database of liver cancer-related gene lists Korea Rep. 19alive3.17
Hoppsigen - Homologous Processed Pseudogenes database France 44unstable0.55
NPRD - Nucleosome Positioning Region Database Russian Federation 20alive1.65
TGI - TIGR Gene Index database United States 214alive17.83
ECgene - ECgene Korea Rep. 167unstable9.60
SpliceInfo Taiwan 37alive3.08
DoOP - Database of Orthologous Promoters Hungary 37unstable2.68
TRACTOR_DB - TRAnscription FaCTORs' predicted binding sites in prokaryotic genomes Cuba 49unstable3.88
TRED - Transcriptional Regulatory Element Database United States 155alive12.40
TPMD - Taiwan Polymorphic Marker Database Taiwan 6unstable0.38
PDBSITE Russian Federation 92alive7.59
United Kingdom 169unstable12.67
PartiGeneDB - A Database of Partial Genomes Canada 12alive0.99
PBRC - Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource Center United States 51alive4.21
EchoBASE - EchoBASE United Kingdom 67unstable2.85
DED - Diatom EST Database Italy 88unstable2.71
AGD - Ashbya Genome Database Switzerland 56unstable4.15
CandidaDB France 77alive6.42
CYGD - Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database Germany 327unstable22.07
PROPHECY - PROfiling of PHEnotypic Characteristics in Yeast Sweden 29alive2.42
MDS_IES_DB - MDS, IES, and pointer annotations for Oxytricha and Tetrahymena United States 34alive2.75
SilkDB China 293unstable11.23
CORG - Comparative Regulatory Genomics Germany 84dead0.00
SilkSatDb India 28alive2.33
ChickVD - Chicken Variation Database China 46alive3.80
DED - Database of Evolutionary Distances United States 6dead0.00
UCSC Proteome Browser - UCSC Proteome Browser United States 51alive4.25
ACLAME - A CLAssification of Mobile genetic Elements Belgium 211alive15.91
GALA - Genome ALignments and Annotations United States 84alive6.00
ISbrowser - Insertion Sequences Browser France 18unstable0.69
ChimerDB Korea Rep. 86unstable5.71
H-DBAS - Human-transcriptome Database for Alternative Splicing Japan 80alive8.00
Spain 34alive4.86
RegPrecise - Collection of Manually Curated Inferences of Regulons in Prokaryotic Genomes United States 141unstable18.73
Polymorphix France 23unstable0.29
United States 11unstable0.91
ITS2 Database - Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 Database Germany 366alive33.27
CMR - Comprehensive Microbial Resource United States 577alive36.06
phiSITE - Database of Gene Regulation in Bacteriophages Slovak Republic 11alive1.57
RatMap - rat genome information Sweden 13unstable1.03
TAED - The Adaptive Evolution Database Norway 155unstable3.78
L1Base Germany 78unstable5.00
DG-CST - Disease Gene Conserved Sequence Tags Database Italy 17alive1.40
HCAD - Human Chromosome Aberration Database Spain 10dead0.00
FESD - Functional Element SNPs Database Korea Rep. 35dead0.00
5'SAGE - 5'-end Serial Analysis of Gene Expression database Japan 17dead0.00
SIEGE - Smoking Induced Epithelial Gene Expression United States 28dead0.00
MetaRouter - Bioinformatics for Bioremediation United Kingdom 38alive3.13
MITOMAP - A database for the human mitochondrial genome United States 325alive26.81
BB - BarleyBase United States 101dead0.00
CR-EST - IPK Crop EST Database Germany 40unstable2.97
ViralORFeome - ViralORFeome France 37unstable3.75 - Integrated Database Resource for Marine Ecological Genomics Germany 42unstable5.58
BeetleBase United States 122alive12.08
FlyTF - Transcription factor datamine for Drosophila melanogaster United Kingdom 128unstable10.01
TriTrypDB - Trypanosomatidae Database United States 224alive32.00
MetaBioME - Comprehensive Metagenomic BioMining Engine Japan 36alive5.09
DRYGIN - Data Repository of Yeast Genetic Interactions Canada 71alive9.84
EMMA - European Mouse Mutant Archive United Kingdom 34alive4.86
MouseBook - An Integrated Portal of Mouse Resources United Kingdom 9unstable1.07
MouseIndelDB - Mouse Indel Polymorphism Database United States 13unstable1.39
Patrocles Belgium 114unstable14.98
HLungDB - Human Lung Cancer Database China 48dead0.14
SelTarbase Germany 42alive6.00
GeneFarm - GeneFarm France 22dead0.00
RAD - Rice Annotation Database Japan 15unstable0.39
Brassica ASTRA Australia 43dead0.00
LIS - Legume Information System United States 80alive6.67
PoMaMo - Potato Maps and More Germany 29dead0.00
VBASE2 - VBASE2 Germany 104alive8.67
HUMHOT - Human Meiotic Recombination Hot Spots India 5dead0.00
SoyBase - USDA-ARS Soybean Genetic Database United States 124unstable10.10
ISfinder - Insertion Sequence finder France 455unstable11.17
ASAP - A Systematic Annotation Package for Community Analysis of Genomes United States 54dead0.00
ABS - database of Annotated regulatory Binding Sites from orthologous promoters Spain 68alive6.18
cisRED - cisRED Canada 112unstable6.92
DBD - Transcription factor prediction database United Kingdom 156unstable12.91
HTPSELEX - Transcription factor binding site sequences obtained with SELEX and high-throughput SELEX method
Switzerland 241unstable8.84
TiProD China 27dead0.00
TRANSFAC - a database on transcription factors and their DNA binding sites Germany 7590unstable195.17
Argonaute Germany 88alive8.00
SRPDB - Signal Recognition Particle Database United States 94unstable7.78
DiProDB - Dinucleotide Property Database
United Kingdom 31alive3.72
MachiBase - A Drosophila Melanogaster 5'-end mRNA Transcription Database. Japan 25alive3.09
PAZAR - A public database of transcription factor and regulatory sequence annotation Canada 65alive8.13
PRODORIC - PROcariotIC Database Of Gene-Regulation Germany 52unstable5.59
United States 53unstable4.29
SDR - Specificity-determining Residue Database
United States 16dead0.00
SysZNF - the C2H2 zinc finger gene database Germany 31unstable0.93
AS-ALPS - Alternative Splicing-induced Alteration of Protein Structure Japan 25unstable2.97
ISED - Influenza Sequence and Epitope Database Korea Rep. 11alive1.38
RNA Virus Database United Kingdom 10dead0.00
ARDB - Antibiotic Resistance Genes Database
United States 284alive35.15
ATGC - Alignable Tight Genomic Clusters United States 38alive4.75
OperonDB - A Comprehensive Database of Predicted Operons in Microbial Genomes United States 69alive8.54
Strepto-DB Germany 6unstable0.64
TBDB - Tuberculosis Database United States 154unstable13.67
Aspergillus Genomes United Kingdom 18unstable1.96
GiardiaDB - Giardia Genomics Resource United States 115alive14.38
TrichDB United States 115alive14.38
PlasmoDB - Plasmodium Genomics Resource United States 413alive51.63
TcSNP Argentina 14unstable1.66
Genolevures - Genomic Exploration of the Hemiascomycete Yeasts France 223unstable5.49
FLYSNPdb - FLYSNPdb Austria 10alive1.25 - A Tool for Navigating Sequences from Parasitic and Free-living Nematodes United States 165alive12.69
Bionemo - Biodegradation Network Molecular Biology Database
Spain 15alive1.88
CleanEST Korea Rep. 14alive1.73
EVOG - Evolution Visualizer for Overlapping Genes Korea Rep. 12alive1.50
PhyloPat - Phylogenetic Patterns Netherlands 26alive2.36
Pseudofam - pseudogene families database United States 20alive2.47
SpBase - Strongylocentrotus purpuratus database United States 81alive10.02
HGVbaseG2P - The Human Genome Variation database United Kingdom 63alive7.88
SNPLogic United States 26unstable1.27
VarySysDB - VarySysDatabase Japan 16alive1.98
MoKCa - Mutations, Oncogenes, Knowledge & Cancer United Kingdom 34alive4.21
AutDB - Autism Spectrum Disorders database United States 121unstable13.76
DNAReplication - DNAReplication United Kingdom 10alive1.21
ERGR - ethanol-related gene resource United States 32dead0.00
G2Cdb - Genes to Cognition database United Kingdom 41alive4.97
MDPD - Mutation Database for Parkinson's Disease Singapore 15unstable1.16
RAPID - Resource of Asian Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases India 33unstable3.75
BloodExpress United Kingdom 33alive4.08
SysPIMP China 16dead0.00
OligoArrayDb - Pangenomic Oligonucleotide Microarray Probe Sets Database United States 8unstable0.66
GOBASE - Organelle Genome Database
Canada 54alive6.68
AutoSNPdb Australia 69alive8.54
GabiPD - GABI Primary Database Germany 36alive4.32
ATTED-II Japan 711alive71.10
OryGenesDB - An Interactive Tool for Rice Reverse Genetics France 28alive3.50
RiceGeneThresher Thailand 10alive1.24
YH - YanHuang China 30alive3.60
GISSD - Group I Intron Sequence and Structure Database China 54unstable4.20
TranspoGene - TranspoGene Israel 56alive6.22
UgMicroSatdb - Database for mining microsatellites from Unigenes India 13alive1.44 - United States 13unstable1.37
ProSAS - Protein Structure and Alternative Splicing database Germany 24unstable1.17
CMGSDB - Database for Computational Modeling of Gene Silencing United States 6dead0.00
DBTBS - Database of Transcriptional Regulation in Bacillus subtilis Japan 495alive30.94
ORegAnno - Open Regulatory Annotation
United States 163unstable10.32
ProTISA China 25dead0.00
TransfactomeDB - Yeast Transfactome Database United States 22alive2.44
RAPESEED - The Shanghai RAPESEED Database China 21unstable0.12
Panzea - Panzea United States 84unstable4.96
TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource United States 768unstable63.15
PlantGDB United States 148alive16.12
Mitome - A Database for Comparative Mitochondrial Genomics in Metazoan Animals
Korea Rep. 34alive3.78
PharmGKB - The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase United States 67unstable2.01
PubMeth Belgium 127alive13.97
MethyCancer - The Database of Human DNA Methylation and Cancer China 75alive8.33
CanGEM - Cancer GEnome Mine Finland 35unstable2.26
F-SNP - The Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphism database Canada 242alive26.35
MSY Breakpoint Mapper - A Database of Sequence-tagged Sites in Defining Naturally Occurring Deletions in the Human Y Chromosome United States 19alive2.09
Evola - Database of Evolutionary Features of Human Genes Japan 35alive3.89
UTGB - University of Tokyo Genome Browser Medaka Japan 26alive2.89
ButterflyBase - United Kingdom 78dead0.00
PBmice - PB Mutagenesis Information CEnter China 34dead0.00
Gallus GBrowse - A Unified Genomic Database for the Chicken United States 14dead0.00
BMRB - Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
United States 635alive70.56
IDBD - Infectious Disease Biomarker Database Korea Rep. 18alive1.96
BioHealthBase United States 70unstable6.77
CoVDB - CoVDB Hong Kong SAR China 29unstable2.03
GenoList - An Integrated Environment for the Analysis of Microbial Genomes France 50unstable4.56
HEG-DB - The highly expressed genes database Spain 271alive26.02
ToxoDB - Toxoplasma gondii database United States 381alive27.21
ProtozoaDB Brazil 23dead0.05
OPTIC - Orthologous and Paralogous Transcripts in Clades United Kingdom 32unstable3.38
Greglist - Database of G-quadruplex Regulated Genes China 43unstable3.58
QuadBase - QuadBase India 71unstable7.26
SuperCAT - SuperCAT Norway 37alive3.99
InSatDb - Insect Microsatellite Database India 37alive3.70
PReMod - Predicted Regulatory Modules Canada 94alive9.40
U12DB - U12DB Spain 83alive8.22
Pseudogene United States 115unstable3.11
RetrOryza - RetrOryza
France 42dead0.04
SNPSTR - microsatellite marker and tightly linked SNPs United Kingdom 31alive3.01
SGDB - Synthetic Gene Database
United States 26unstable1.17
TRDB - The Tandem Repeats Database
United States 113alive10.96
VEB - VISTA Enhancer Browser United States 340unstable15.64
GenomeTrafac - GenomeTrafac United States 25alive2.50
qPrimerDepot - qPrimerDepot
United States 105unstable7.45
PathoPlant - PathoPlant Germany 33alive3.27
PlantTA - TIGR Plant Transcript Assemblies (TA) database United States 169alive16.90
POGs/PlantRBP - POGs/PlantRBP United States 31dead0.00
PlantQTL-GE - A database system for identifying candidate genes in rice and Arabidopsis by gene expression and QTL information China 21dead0.00
ForestTreeDB - ForestTreeDB Canada 29unstable2.29
MaizeGDB - Maize Genetics and Genomics Database United States 54alive5.40
TomatEST - Tomato expressed sequence tag Italy 26alive2.52
D-HaploDB - The Definitive Haplotype Database Japan 9unstable0.37
PolyDoms United States 58alive5.80
Snap - Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Annotation Platform Denmark 32alive3.17
CancerGenes - CancerGenes United States 151alive14.95
PharmGED - Pharmacogenetic Effect Database Singapore 8dead0.00
GAN - Gene Aging Nexus United States 38unstable1.60
EPConDB - EPConDB United States 15alive1.50
Singapore 14dead0.00
OncoDB.HCC - Oncogenomic Database of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Taiwan 61alive6.04
HSPD - Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Database United States 3dead0.00
AnimalQTLdb - Animal Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) database United States 338unstable27.72
MamPol - Mammalia Polymorphism Database Spain 7alive0.70
PigGIS - Pig Genomic Informatics System China 9alive0.89
PEDE - Pig Expression Data Explorer Japan 52alive5.15
PlasmID - Plasmid Information Database United States 27alive2.62
WormBook - the online review of Caenorhabditis elegans biology United States 51alive5.10
Russian Federation 15alive1.50
DroSpeGe - Drosophila Species Genomes United States 50unstable4.75
GIB-V - Genome Information Broker for Viruses Japan 11unstable0.21
TBestDB - Taxonomically Broad EST Database Canada 84alive8.32
NMPDR - National Microbial Pathogen Data Resource United States 90unstable8.55
VNTRDB - Variable Number Tandem Repeat Database Taiwan 34dead0.00
HepSEQ - HepSEQ United Kingdom 19alive1.90
HPSMD - HIV Positive Selection Mutation Database United States 21dead0.00
IVDB - Influenza Virus Database China 49alive4.75
xBASE United Kingdom 124dead0.00
ICDS database - Interrupted CoDing Sequence database France 23dead0.00
OrthoMCL-DB - Querying a Comprehensive Multi-species Collection of Ortholog Groups United States 516unstable28.61
PUMA2 - PUMA2 United States 72dead0.00
SIDDBASE United States 14dead0.00
VMD - VBI Microbial Database United States 26dead0.00
DPVweb - Descriptions of Plant Viruses United Kingdom 35alive3.18
ShiBASE China 22alive2.00
LEGER - Post-genome Database for Listeria Research Germany 24unstable1.46
CryptoDB United States 87alive7.91
Germany 71alive5.46
TcruziDB - TcruziDB Argentina 27unstable1.82
Genome Snapshot - An Overview Of The Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Genome. United States 85dead0.00
YGOB - Yeast Gene Order Browser Ireland 54alive4.91
PFGD - Phytophthora Functional Genomics Database United States 21unstable1.79
StellaBase - Nematostella vectensis Genomics Database United States 130unstable5.08
DBTGR - DBTGR Japan 20alive1.82
QTL MatchMaker United States 5unstable0.33
CTGA - Catalogue of Transmission Genetics in Arabs United Arab Emirates 42alive3.82
HPtaa database China 18unstable0.77
Japan 26dead0.00
IGTC - International Gene Trap Consortium United States 120alive10.69
AOBase - database for antisense oligonucleotides selection and design
China 6dead0.00
ChloroplastDB - Chloroplast Genome Database United States 68alive6.06
HvrBase++ Germany 11unstable0.95
Phytome United States 38alive3.45
Plant MPSS databases - signature-based transcriptional resources for analyses of mRNA and small RNA United States 231unstable18.69
RMD - Rice Mutant Database China 129unstable6.22
SoyGD - Soybean Genome Database United States 70dead0.00
TED - Tomato Expression Database United States 68alive6.18
EPGD - Eukaryotic Paralog Group Database China 16unstable0.43
GenBank - GenBank United States 46415unstable710.73
dbSNP - Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Database United States 3381unstable92.04
MG-RAST - Metagenomics RAST
United States 1alive0.99
RBP-Var China 0alive0.00
MERAV - Metabolic gEne RApid Visualizer United States 0alive0.00
SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Switzerland 6unstable1.80
BIGNASim - BIGNASim database structure and analysis portal for nucleic acids simulation data
Spain 1alive1.00
Lynx United States 0alive0.00
MutationAligner - A Resource of Recurrent Mutation Hotspots in Protein Domains in Cancer United States 0unstable0.00
IC4R - Information Commons for Rice China 1alive1.00
SBR-Blood - Systems Biology Repository United States 0unstable0.00
MitoAge - A database for comparative analysis of mitochondrial DNA, with a special focus on animal longevity Israel 1alive1.00
SORFS.ORG Belgium 2alive1.96
EBI - The European Bioinformatics Institute United Kingdom 610unstable23.87
BreCAN-DB India 0unstable0.00
HGTree - Database of Horizontally Transferred Genes Determined by Tree Reconciliation Pakistan 1alive0.96
PCOSKB - KnowledgeBase on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome India 1alive0.98
BacWGSTdb - Bacterial Whole Genome Sequence Typing database China 1unstable0.94
InsectBase China 1unstable0.88
GREENC - Green Non-Coding Database Spain 0alive0.00
SEA - Super-Enhancer Archive China 1alive0.99
PlanMine Germany 1alive0.99
Assembly United States 4unstable1.88
GEneSTATION United States 1alive0.98
DDBJ - DNA Data Bank of Japan
Japan 1085alive46.70
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information United States 16174unstable447.16
BRAD - Brassica database China 155alive25.83
ChloroMitoSSRDB - Webserver cum Database of Cholorplast and Mitochondrial Microsatellites
Italy 0alive0.00
SBMDb - Sugar Beet Microsatellite Database India 0unstable0.00
MtiBase - MiRNA-target interactions database
China 0unstable0.00
JRC GMO-Amplicons
Italy 0alive0.00
MGDB_2 - Melanoma Gene Database China 0unstable0.00
DENdb - Dragon ENhancers database Saudi Arabia 1unstable0.46
FlyVar - fly variation database China 1unstable0.39
EpiFactors - EpiFactors Russian Federation 3alive1.49
CEGA - Conserved Elements from Genomic Alignments Switzerland 1alive0.99
FARE-CAFE - Database of Functional and Regulatory Elements of Cancer-Associated Fusion Events Taiwan 1unstable0.38
Pre_GI - Predicted Genomic Islands database South Africa 0alive0.00
dbHiMo - database for histone-modifying enzymes
Korea Rep. 0alive0.00
Ebola-KB - Ebola virus-centered Knowledge Base United States 0alive0.00
mycoCLAP - Characterized Lignocellulose-Active Proteins of Fungal Origin Canada 0unstable0.00
KIR - Kiwifruit Information Resource China 0unstable0.00
SymbioGenomesDB - Symbiotic Genomes Database for the integration and access to knowledge on host-symbiont relationships
Spain 0alive0.00
MouseNet - Probabilistic Functional Gene Network for Laboratory Mouse,Mus Musculus Korea Rep. 0alive0.00
WaspAtlas - Nasonia vitripennis gene database United Kingdom 0unstable0.00
JuncDB Israel 1alive0.99
CicArVarDB - Chickpea SNP-InDel Database India 0alive0.00
OCDB - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Database Italy 1unstable0.29
dbSUPER - a database of super-enhancers in mouse and human genome China 2alive1.92
rVarBase China 28alive9.24
CauloBrowser United States 0alive0.00
PhytoPath United Kingdom 1alive1.00
DIDA - DIgenic diseases DAtabase Belgium 1alive1.00
FLOR-ID - Flowering Interactive Database Belgium 4alive4.00
PlantPAN - Plant Promoter Analysis Navigator Taiwan 188alive20.89
CAMPR3 - Collection of Anti-Microbial Peptides India 1alive0.97
ANISEED France 2unstable1.28
PGSB PlantsDB - Plant Genome and Systems Biology PlantsDB Germany 1alive1.00
PlantDHS - A plant DNase I hypersensitive site database United States 3unstable2.82
ENA - European Nucleotide Archive United Kingdom 2398unstable107.91
INDIGO - An INtegrated Data warehouse of mIcrobial GenOmes Saudi Arabia 13unstable3.06
DMAP - Dragon Metagenomic Analysis Platform Saudi Arabia -unstable-
GSA - Genome Sequence Archive China 4alive4.00
SorGSD - a sorghum genome SNP database China 0alive0.00
HRGD - Heterosis Related gene Database China 6unstable0.71
KGCAK - A K-mer based database for genome-wide phylogeny and complexity evaluation China 0unstable0.00
OGDD - Olive Genetic Diversity Database Tunisia 1alive0.99
HGMD - The Human Gene Mutation Database United Kingdom 2655alive131.42
BIG Data Center - BIG Data Center for Life & Health Sciences China 12alive12.00
GTRD - Gene Transcription Regulation Database Russian Federation 0alive0.00
R-loopDB Singapore 0alive0.00
TFBSbank United Kingdom 0unstable0.00
CGDB - Circadian Gene DataBase China 0alive0.00
IMG/VR - Integrated Microbial Genomes / Virus United States 0dead0.00
IRD - Influenza Research Database United States 165dead0.00
pVOGs - Prokaryotic Virus Orthologous Groups United States 1alive1.00
proGenomes United Kingdom 0alive0.00
antiSMASH-DB - antibiotics & Secondary Metabolite Analysis SHell database Denmark 2unstable1.52
PathoYeastract - Pathogenic Yeast Search for Transcriptional Regulators And Consensus Tracking Portugal 900alive81.82
CeNDR - Caenorhabditis elegans Natural Diversity Resource United States 2dead0.00
Cistrome DB - Cistrome Data Browser China 0alive0.00
HieranoiDB Sweden 0alive0.00
The Monarch Initiative United States 2unstable0.36
mirDNMR China 1unstable0.72
denovo-db United States 0alive0.00
ExAC Browser - Exome Aggregation Consortium Browser
United States 2alive2.00
IGSR - The International Genome Sample Resource United Kingdom 1alive1.00
IPD-MHC United Kingdom 0unstable0.00
GWAS Catalog United Kingdom 3886alive485.75
EURISCO - European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources Germany 0alive0.00
PMDBase China 0alive0.00
dbWGFP China 1unstable0.91
ANItools China 6alive2.00
SinEx DB - SinEx DATABASE Chile 0alive0.00
PvTFDB - Phaseolus vulgaris Transcription Factor Database India 0alive0.00
MODEM - Multi-Omics Data Envelopment and Mining in maize China 0unstable0.00
Skeleton Genetics
China 0alive0.00
SlideBase Denmark 0alive0.00
viruSITE - integrated database for viral genomics Slovak Republic 0alive0.00
MGFD - Maize Gene Families Database China 0dead0.00
Fish Karyome India 4alive0.79
Cryptosporidium hominis Gene Catalog United States 0alive0.00
dbPEC - Database for Preeclampsia
United States 1alive1.00
DemaDb Malaysia 2alive2.00
R-Syst France 4unstable3.80
Australia 0dead0.00
RSIADB - Rice Sheath Blight Pathogen Genomics Database China 1alive0.99
BRONCO - Biomedical entity Relation ONcology COrpus Korea Rep. 7alive7.00
3CDB - Chromosome Conformation Capture Database China 1unstable0.55
PGP - Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository Germany 4alive4.00
Chinchilla Research Resource Database United States 2alive2.00
DPTEdb - Dioecious Plants Transposable Elements Database China 2alive1.94
gEVE - Genome-based Endogenous Viral Element Database Japan 0alive0.00
Tfcheckpoint - Transcription Factor Checkpoint Norway 8alive2.00
SorghumFDB China 0unstable0.00
SSTAR - Semantic catalog of Samples, Transcription initiation And Regulators Japan 5unstable4.45
Ricebase United States 2dead0.00
PGD - Pangolin Genome Database Malaysia 0unstable0.00
Reefgenomics Saudi Arabia 4alive4.00
iMITEdb - insects miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements database China 0unstable0.00
BMW - Boechera Microsatellite Website United States 2alive2.00
HIVoligoDB - The HIV oligonucleotide database Portugal 0alive0.00
GrTEdb - Gossypium raimondii transposable elements database China 0unstable0.00
OCaPPI-Db - Oligonucleotide Capture Probes for Pathogen Identification Database France 0unstable0.00
SilkPathDB - Silkworm Pathogen Database China 0unstable0.00
Hungary 12alive2.40
WikiGenomes United States 0alive0.00
ChromothripsisDB - a curated database of chromothripsis
China 2alive1.92
BISQUE - Biological Sequence Exchange United States 1alive1.00
dbDSM - database of Deleterious Synonymous Mutation China 1alive1.00
PhenoScanner United Kingdom 6alive6.00
Pro54DB - σ54 promoter database China 0unstable0.00
ncbi viral genome database - ncbi viral genome database United States 0dead0.00
NCBI Influenza Virus Resource - NCBI Influenza Virus Resource United States 842dead0.00
GVM - Genome Variation Map China 0alive0.00
VISTA Enhancer Browser - VISTA Enhancer Browser whole genome enhancer browser United States 0dead0.00
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.