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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
euL1db - European database of L1HS retrotransposon insertions in humans France 2unstable0.61
LncRNAWiki - a wiki-based platform for community curation of human lncRNAs China 15unstable4.15
PAIDB - Pathogenicity Island Database Korea Rep. 110unstable7.62
PHI-base - Pathogen-Host Interactions database United Kingdom 340alive28.05
MGD - Mouse Genome Database United States 2658alive126.57
RGD - Rat Genome Database United States 60unstable15.00
OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man United States 3217unstable32.17
COSMIC - Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer United Kingdom 4018unstable223.86
The UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser United States 187unstable3.95
MTB - Mouse Tumor Biology System United States 105alive6.18
arrayMap Switzerland 0unstable0.00
BCCTBbp - Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank Bioinformatics Portal United Kingdom 3alive0.97
India 0alive0.00
CCGD - Candidate Cancer Gene Database United States 8alive2.67
CMPD - Cancer Mutant Proteome Database Taiwan 0unstable0.00
Cancer3D United States 10unstable3.13
VaDE - VarySysDB Disease Edition Japan 0alive0.00
Dr.VIS - Viral integration sites China 14unstable1.17
EpilepsyGene - EpilepsyGene database China 3unstable0.60
Organ system heterogeneity DB - A Database for the Visualization of Phenotypes at the Organ System Level Germany 0alive0.00
T3DB - The Toxin and Toxin Target Database Canada 73alive9.13
NutriChem - A Systems Chemical Biology Resource to Explore the Medicinal Value of Plant-based Foods. Denmark 2alive0.65
EHFPI - Database of Essential Host Factors for Pathogenic Infection
China 1unstable0.19
AHTPDB - Database of Antihypertensive Peptides India 7alive2.33
PubAngioGen China 0unstable0.00
DO - Disease Ontology United States 248alive40.92
PolymiRTS - Polymorphism in microRNAs and their TargetSites United States 264alive23.76
ASD - Allosteric Database
China 94alive13.43
PATRIC - Pathosystems Resource Integration Center United States 279unstable30.69
mVOC - Microbial volatile organic compound database Germany 38alive9.50
WormQTLHD - A Web Database for Linking Human Disease to Natural Variation Data in C. elegans. Netherlands 27alive5.40
Manteia France 18alive4.50
PED - Pancreatic Expression Database United Kingdom 75unstable5.66
DECIPHER - Database of Chromosomal Imbalance and Phenotype in Humans using Ensembl Resources. United Kingdom 41unstable1.95
NECTAR - Non-synonymous Enriched Coding muTation ARchive United Kingdom 0alive0.00
FINDbase - Frequency of Inherited Disorders Database Greece 111alive10.09
canSAR United Kingdom 70unstable10.27
DriverDB - database for cancer driver gene/mutation Taiwan 18alive4.41
Progenetix Switzerland 179unstable6.53
Transformer Germany 8alive2.00
TTD - Therapeutic target database Singapore 232alive37.89
VIOLIN - Vaccine investigation and online information network United States 20alive5.00
bNAber - Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Electronic Resource
United States 22unstable5.17
ValidNESs - Validated NES-containing proteins, functional NES sites and NES predictions Taiwan 21unstable3.95
ChemProt - Chemical-protein Interaction Database
Denmark 97alive13.44
PaVE - PapillomaVirus Episteme United States 83unstable4.65
ViralZone - ViralZone Switzerland 76unstable8.25
SchistoDB - Schistosoma Genomic Resources Brazil 94alive10.13
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology - Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology France 1188alive66.00
CellLineNavigator Germany 9alive1.80
GDSC - Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer United Kingdom 114unstable17.78
TP53 mutation database France 30unstable4.98
TSGene - tumor suppressor gene database United States 89unstable3.03
SomamiR United States 27alive5.35
LncRNADisease - Database on lncRNA-disease associations China 267unstable26.17
TCMID - Traditional Chinese Medicines Integrated Database
China 53unstable9.12
G4LDB - G-quadruplex ligands database China 24unstable3.02
NPACT - Naturally occuring Plant based Anticancerous Compound-Activity-Target DataBase India 70alive5.00
PRGdb Italy 98unstable2.45
VIRsiRNAdb - database of viral siRNA/shRNA India 17alive2.83
DPSC-Cancer - Donnelly - Princess Margaret Screening Centre Cancer Database Canada 24alive3.96
NCG - Network of Cancer Genes Italy 51alive8.50
SCDE - Stem Cell Discovery Engine United States 23alive3.83
UMD-BRCA1/BRCA2 - Universal mutation database-BRCA1/BRCA2 France 23dead0.00
ADHDgene - Database for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder China 27alive4.45
AutismKB China 74unstable8.88
DiseaseMeth - Human Disease Methylation Database China 56alive8.96
DistiLD - Database of Diseases and Traits in Linkage Disequilibrium Denmark 17alive2.83
GWASdb - GWASdb Hong Kong SAR China 82alive13.67
SpliceDisease China 27dead0.00
GeneSigDB - Gene Signature DataBase United States 123unstable8.30
GeneWeaver - GeneWeaver United States 54unstable8.28
TDR - Tropical Disease Research Argentina 43unstable6.67
MitoMiner - A database of the mitochondrial proteome
United Kingdom 97alive10.56
OrthoDisease - Tracking Disease Gene Orthologs Across 100 Species Sweden 74alive5.29
DBASS - Databases of Aberrant 3'-ss and 5'-ss in Human Disease Genes Italy 19alive2.71
PolyQ - Polyglutamine Australia 18unstable2.03
SCLD - Stem Cell Lineage Database United States 4unstable0.04
REPAIRtoire - A Database of DNA Repair Pathways Poland 24alive3.39
DAnCER - Disease Annotated Chromatin Epigenetics Resource Canada 17unstable2.26
dbCRID - Chromosomal Rearrangements In Diseases United States 23unstable0.46
IGDD India 13unstable1.50
VnD - Variations and Drugs Korea Rep. 7dead0.00
CancerResource Germany 59alive8.34
CaSNP China 17unstable1.31
CCDB - Cervical Cancer Gene Database India 42alive6.00
DDPC - Dragon Database of Genes associated with Prostate Cancer South Africa 26unstable3.49
CADgene - Coronary Artery Disease Gene Database China 42unstable5.16
T1DBase - type 1 diabetes susceptibility Base United Kingdom 178unstable4.24
Protegen - Protective Antigens United States 28unstable3.52
NIASGBdb - NIAS Genebank database Japan 14unstable1.70
EuroDia - EuroDia MicroArray Database Switzerland 9dead0.00
Varietas - Varietas Finland 8dead0.00
CTD - Comparative Toxicogenomics Database United States 1016alive67.73
dbPTB - Database for Preterm Birth United States 16alive2.67
MEDIC - CTD's MEDIC disease vocabulary United States 54alive9.00
RAvariome - Rheumatoid Arthritis Genetic Variants Database Japan 4alive0.78
metabolicMine - metabolicMine United Kingdom 10dead0.00
PhenoDigm - PHENOtype comparisons for DIsease and Gene Models United Kingdom 44unstable7.13
Variome - Variome Japan 4unstable0.34
MalaCards - The Human Disease Database Israel 97unstable7.76
BBGRE - Brain & Body Genetic Resource Exchange United Kingdom 2dead0.02
T2D@ZJU - Type 2 Diabetes Database at Zhejiang University China 6unstable0.32
CHD@ZJU - Coronary Heart Disease Research Platform China 7unstable0.69
bc-GenExMiner - Breast Cancer Gene-Expression Miner France 13alive2.60
MelGene - Field Synopsis of Genetic Association Studies in Cutaneous Melanoma Greece 4unstable0.69
CGHub - Cancer Genomics Hub United States 26unstable1.24
RGED - Renal Gene Expression Database China 1alive0.25
RADB - A Database of Rheumatoid Arthritis Related Polymorphisms China 1alive0.25
PhenotypeAnnotation Spain 4alive0.97
Osteosarcoma Database - An Osteosarcoma-gene Association Database Germany 4alive0.99
TuberQ Argentina 7unstable1.19
RegaDB - Rega database South Africa 2unstable0.38
RetinoGenetics China 5unstable1.17
CancerEST United Kingdom 3alive0.75
BioXpress United States 5unstable0.33
DisGeNET - DisGeNET Spain 185alive23.13
PEpiD - Prostate Epigenetic Database China 5unstable0.80
The HTLV-1 database Brazil 7alive1.17
The international dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa patient registry Netherlands 26unstable0.71
CIG-DB - Cancer-related Immunological Gene Database Japan 3unstable0.12
miRdSNP - Database of Disease-associated SNPs and MicroRNA target Sites on 3'UTRs of Human Genes United States 59alive9.64
TiPs Italy 1alive0.20
miRCancer - microRNA Cancer Association Database United States 80unstable12.48
UMD-CFTR - UMD-CFTR France 11alive1.35
mitodyn - MITOchondrial DYNamics variation pages France 4alive1.33
OncomiRDB(Tsinghua) - A Database for Oncogenic & Tumor-Suppressive MicroRNAs China 18unstable3.11
LOVD - Leiden Open Variation Database France 33dead0.00
dbCerEx - database of Cervical Cancer Gene Expression China 0dead0.00
SurvExpress Mexico 37unstable5.40
dbCPCO - dbCPCO Canada 14alive1.73
FinDis - Finnish Disease Database Finland 7unstable1.25
DG-CST - Disease Gene Conserved Sequence Tags Database Italy 17alive1.29
CGED - Cancer Gene Expression data Japan 46dead0.00
PeroxisomeDB - PEROXISOME database Spain 61alive7.55
India 35unstable2.93
miR2Disease - miR-Disease
China 537alive59.67
Degradome - The Degradome database Spain 107dead0.00
TBDB - Tuberculosis Database United States 154unstable8.73
Aspergillus Genomes United Kingdom 18unstable1.54
TrichDB United States 115alive12.52
PlasmoDB - Plasmodium Genomics Resource United States 413alive44.97
PIG - Pathogen Interaction Gateway United States 55unstable1.16
CTdatabase - Cancer-Testis Database Brazil 116unstable12.12
MoKCa - Mutations, Oncogenes, Knowledge & Cancer United Kingdom 34alive3.74
AutDB - Autism Spectrum Disorders database United States 121unstable11.97
G2Cdb - Genes to Cognition database United Kingdom 41alive4.46
MDPD - Mutation Database for Parkinson's Disease Singapore 15unstable0.73
RAPID - Resource of Asian Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases India 33unstable3.45
SysPIMP China 16unstable0.11
PharmGKB - The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase United States 67unstable1.27
PubMeth Belgium 127alive12.57
MethyCancer - The Database of Human DNA Methylation and Cancer China 75alive7.43
CanGEM - Cancer GEnome Mine Finland 35unstable2.24
PolyDoms United States 58alive5.17
CancerGenes - CancerGenes United States 151alive13.59
PharmGED - Pharmacogenetic Effect Database Singapore 8dead0.00
TcruziDB - TcruziDB Argentina 27unstable1.78
OMIA - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals Australia 27unstable2.02
CTGA - Catalogue of Transmission Genetics in Arabs United Arab Emirates 42alive3.50
MitoP2 - An integrative tool for the analysis of the mitochondrial proteome Germany 156dead0.00
OncomiRdbB - Oncogenic miRNA database India 1alive0.25
HIV-1, human interaction database - Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1), Human Interaction Database United States 386unstable13.51
MERAV - Metabolic gEne RApid Visualizer United States 0alive0.00
TCGASpliceSeq - TCGASpliceSeq United States 0alive0.00
Aging Chart Russian Federation 0unstable0.00
CRN - Cancer RNA-Seq Nexus Taiwan 0alive0.00
Lynx United States 0alive0.00
MutationAligner - A Resource of Recurrent Mutation Hotspots in Protein Domains in Cancer United States 0unstable0.00
DGIdb - Drug-Gene Interaction Database United States 78unstable9.52
PCOSKB - KnowledgeBase on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome India 1alive0.49
SugarBindDB - SugarBind Database Switzerland 10alive1.98
hPSCreg - human pluripotent stem cell research community Germany 1alive0.50
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information United States 16174unstable305.51
PhenoMiner - Online database of phenotypes and associated disorders
United Kingdom 0alive0.00
MGDB_2 - Melanoma Gene Database China 0unstable0.00
NNTC - National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium United States 0unstable0.00
FARE-CAFE - Database of Functional and Regulatory Elements of Cancer-Associated Fusion Events Taiwan 1unstable0.21
Ebola-KB - Ebola virus-centered Knowledge Base United States 0unstable0.00
MouseNet - Probabilistic Functional Gene Network for Laboratory Mouse,Mus Musculus Korea Rep. 0unstable0.00
DMDD - Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders United Kingdom 13unstable0.57
OCDB - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Database Italy 1unstable0.14
HCSD - Human Cancer Secretome Database Sweden 1alive0.32
BloodSpot Denmark 0alive0.00
DIDA - DIgenic diseases DAtabase Belgium 1alive0.50
Lnc2Cancer China 2alive0.96
DESSCD - Dragon Exploration System for Sickle Cell Disease Saudi Arabia 2unstable0.37
DESHCV - Dragon Exploratory System on Hepatitis C Virus South Africa -unstable-
HCVpro - Hepatitis C Virus Protein Interaction Database South Africa -unstable-
AlzBase - an integrative database for gene dys-regulation in Alzheimer’s disease China 5alive2.50
HGMD - The Human Gene Mutation Database United Kingdom 2655unstable98.61
BIG Data Center - BIG Data Center for Life & Health Sciences China 12alive12.00
The Monarch Initiative United States 2unstable0.18
AAgAtlas China 0alive0.00
denovo-db United States 0alive0.00
dbDEMC - database of Differentially Expressed MiRNAs in human Cancers China 54unstable4.72
HPO - Human Phenotype Ontology United States 975unstable72.15
NSDNA - The Nervous System Disease NcRNAome Atlas China 0unstable0.00
KERIS - The kaleidoscope of gene responses to inflammation among species United States 0alive0.00
SZGR - Schizophrenia Gene Resource United States 72dead0.00
Exposome-Explorer France 1alive0.99
Open Targets
United Kingdom 3unstable0.75
Korea Rep. 3alive1.50
CoReCG - Colon Rectal Cancer Gene Database India 0alive0.00
RE:fine Drugs
United States 5alive2.50
GESDB - Genetic Epidemiology Simulation Database Taiwan 1unstable0.18
Skeleton Genetics
China 0unstable0.00
CSCdb - Cancer stem cells database China 0unstable0.00
HNdb - Head and Deck Database Brazil 0alive0.00
CD-REST - Chemical Disease Relation Extraction SysTem
United States 2unstable0.73
United States 37alive9.07
BRONCO - Biomedical entity Relation ONcology COrpus Korea Rep. 7alive3.36
BioAfrica South Africa 1alive0.50
Taiwan 3alive1.46
KDD - Kawasaki Disease Database Korea Rep. 0alive0.00
Onco-Regulon India 0alive0.00
peptiCKDdb Germany 0alive0.00
CaspNeuroD United States 0unstable0.00
HIVoligoDB - The HIV oligonucleotide database Portugal 0alive0.00
ChromothripsisDB - a curated database of chromothripsis
China 2alive0.98
EpimiRBase Ireland 4unstable1.82
dbDSM - database of Deleterious Synonymous Mutation China 1unstable0.44
NaviCom - Connects data to network maps France 12dead0.00
ncbi viral genome database - ncbi viral genome database United States 0dead0.00
NCBI Influenza Virus Resource - NCBI Influenza Virus Resource United States 842dead0.00
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.