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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
Switzerland 66unstable8.69
Cfam - Chemical Families Database
Singapore 0dead0.00
Cancer3D United States 10unstable3.17
ADReCS - Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System China 3unstable0.93
NutriChem - A Systems Chemical Biology Resource to Explore the Medicinal Value of Plant-based Foods. Denmark 2alive0.65
AHTPDB - Database of Antihypertensive Peptides India 7alive2.33
PubAngioGen China 0unstable0.00
STITCH - Search Tool for Interacting Chemicals
Germany 624alive62.40
canSAR United Kingdom 70unstable10.27
United States 84unstable7.35
United Kingdom 1746unstable180.42
DrugBank - Open Data Drug and Drug Target Database
Canada 3839alive319.92
SuperPain Germany 3alive0.75
Transformer Germany 8alive2.00
TTD - Therapeutic target database Singapore 232alive37.89
bNAber - Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Electronic Resource
United States 22unstable5.17
ClusterMine360 Canada 26alive5.15
ChEBI - Chemical Entities of Biological Interest
United Kingdom 187unstable33.66
ChemProt - Chemical-protein Interaction Database
Denmark 97alive13.44
Quorumpeps database - Quorum Sensing Signalling Peptides Belgium 24alive4.75
NetwoRx - Connecting Drugs to Networks and Phenotypes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Canada 6alive1.19
SynSysNet - Synaptic Proteins Database Germany 18alive3.60
GDSC - Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer United Kingdom 114unstable17.78
StreptomeDB Germany 28unstable4.54
Israel 57alive9.50
DBETH - Database of Bacterial ExoToxins India 20alive3.20
eQuilibrator - Biochemical Thermodynamics Calculator
Israel 65alive10.72
Germany 128alive11.64
YMDB - Yeast Metabolome Database Canada 88alive14.37
Germany 273unstable6.01
TDR - Tropical Disease Research Argentina 43unstable6.67
GlycomeDB - A Carbohydrate Structure Metadatabase
United States 122alive12.08
SuperSweet - Sweetening Agents Database
Germany 18alive2.57
PCRPi-DB - Presaging Critical Residues in Protein interfaces - DataBase United Kingdom 10alive1.43
CancerResource Germany 59alive8.34
EDULISS - EDinburgh University Ligand Selection System
United Kingdom 17unstable0.58
PROMISCUOUS Germany 109alive15.57
hERGAPDbase Japan 5unstable0.26
MuteinDB - The Mutein Database
Austria 4dead0.00
United Kingdom 11unstable1.80
EssOilDB - ESSential OIL DataBase India 4unstable0.91
XDB - Xeno-glycomics database Korea Rep. 2dead0.00
TiPs Italy 1alive0.20
TumorHoPe - Tumor Homing Peptide Database
India 29alive4.83
mitodyn - MITOchondrial DYNamics variation pages France 4alive1.33
DetoxiProt - An integrated database of detoxification proteins China 3unstable0.26
DNAVaxDB - DNA vaccine database
United States 9alive2.25
Germany 102alive12.75
LGICdb - Ligand-Gated Ion Channel database United Kingdom 18unstable1.30
MMsINC - Molecular Modeling Section
Italy 55alive6.11
Germany 53alive5.83
Germany 36alive4.00
TBDB - Tuberculosis Database United States 154unstable8.73
Aspergillus Genomes United Kingdom 18unstable1.54
PharmGKB - The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase United States 67unstable1.27
GLIDA - GPCR-Ligand Database
Japan 95alive9.50
CEBS - Chemical Effects in Biological Systems United States 106unstable6.68
United States 209unstable17.35
SuperHapten - SuperHapten
Germany 15alive1.36
PharmGED - Pharmacogenetic Effect Database Singapore 8dead0.00
BindingDB - BindingDB
United States 706alive61.61
GlycoMapsDB - GlycoMapsDB Germany 46alive4.18
Germany 56alive4.67
EK3D - E.coli Kantigen 3D structure Database India 0alive0.00
SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Switzerland 6unstable0.96
Lynx United States 0alive0.00
DGIdb - Drug-Gene Interaction Database United States 78unstable9.67
EBI - The European Bioinformatics Institute United Kingdom 610unstable16.52
United Kingdom 2unstable0.50
enviPath - The Environmental Contaminant Biotransformation Pathway Resource Germany 1unstable0.40
DBAASP - Database of Antimicrobial Activity and Structure of Peptides Georgia 9alive2.25
WITHDRAWN - Database of withdrawn and discontinued drugs Germany 1alive0.50
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information United States 16174unstable305.51
CRDB - Curcumin Resource Database India 1alive0.33
SInCRe - Structural Interactome Computational Resource United Kingdom 0alive0.00
OCDB - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Database Italy 1unstable0.14
Drug-Path - Drug-Path
China 1alive0.33
ccmGDB - Cancer Cell Metabolism Gene DataBase United States 2unstable0.16
SynLethDB Singapore 1unstable0.47
NBDB - Nucleotide binding database
Singapore 1alive0.49
SigMol India 1alive0.49
iPPI-DB - Inhibitors of Protein–Protein Interaction Database
France 9alive4.50
SIDER - Side Effect Resource
Germany 2alive1.00
GtoPdb - IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY United Kingdom 2alive0.98
United States 1412unstable28.24
MetaNetX/MNXref  - Reconciliation of Metabolites and Biochemical Reactions to Bring Together Genome-scale Metabolic Networks
Switzerland 0unstable0.00
DESMSCI - Marine sponge compounds interactions Saudi Arabia 5unstable0.92
DESTAF - Dragon Exploration System for Toxicants and Fertility Saudi Arabia 3unstable0.42
mutLBSgeneDB - mutated Ligand Binding Site gene DataBase
United States 1alive1.00
IRD - Influenza Research Database United States 165dead0.00
CARD - The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database Canada 286unstable34.89
MEGARes United States 1dead0.00
DrugCentral - Online drug Compendium
United States 3alive2.97
Exposome-Explorer France 1alive0.99
Open Targets
United Kingdom 3unstable0.75
United States 1dead0.00
Korea Rep. 3alive1.50
DrumPID - drug-minded protein interaction database
Germany 3alive1.50
HLA-ADR - Human leukocyte antigens Adverse Drug Reaction Database United Kingdom 2alive1.00
RE:fine Drugs
United States 5alive2.50
Japan 77unstable10.23
ORDB - Olfactory Receptor DataBase United States 71dead0.00
HORDE - The Human Olfactory Data Explorer Israel 0alive0.00
China 9alive1.27
RAAR - Regulators of Androgen Action Resource
United States 0alive0.00
NALDB - Nucleic Acid - Ligand Database
India 0unstable0.00
CD-REST - Chemical Disease Relation Extraction SysTem
United States 2unstable0.74
Germany 1unstable0.38
Russian Federation 5unstable1.77
Taiwan -unstable-
HEDD - Human Epigenetic Drug Database
China 0alive0.00
Antimicrobial Combination Networks Spain 0alive0.00
Carotenoids Database - Carotenoids Database Japan 0alive0.00
PDID - Protein–Drug Interaction Database Canada 2unstable0.89
ASDB - Annotated Scaffold Database
China 0alive0.00
Cyclo-lib - a database of computational molecular dynamics simulations of cyclodextrins
Spain 0alive0.00
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.