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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
Xenbase - Xenopus model organism database Canada 214alive21.40
Europe PMC - Europe PubMed Central
United Kingdom 43alive6.14
uORFdb - upstream open reading frames database Germany 22unstable4.68
RADAR - Rigorously Annotated Database of A-to-I RNA editing United States 52alive12.87
UniCarbKB - UniCarb KnowledgeBase Australia 85alive11.90
CGD - Candida Genome Database United States 167alive27.56
DoBISCUIT - Database of BIoSynthesis clusters CUrated and InTegrated
Japan 27alive5.40
Quorumpeps database - Quorum Sensing Signalling Peptides Belgium 24alive4.75
StreptomeDB Germany 28unstable4.54
NCBI Bookshelf - NCBI Bookshelf United States 8unstable0.56
SCDE - Stem Cell Discovery Engine United States 23alive3.83
GeneSigDB - Gene Signature DataBase United States 123unstable8.46
SPIKE - Signaling Pathways Integrated Knowledge Engine Israel 38alive5.43
hERGAPDbase Japan 5unstable0.26
United States 87unstable5.07
United Kingdom 62unstable7.34
TGD Wiki - Tetrahymena genome database Wiki United States 8alive1.33
yApoptosis - yeast apoptosis database Sweden 1alive0.20
United States 50alive9.90
PCorral - Protein Corral
United Kingdom 6unstable0.17
PPInterFinder - Protein-Protein Interactions Finder India 17unstable0.20
RADB - A Database of Rheumatoid Arthritis Related Polymorphisms China 1alive0.25
BioCreAtIvE - Critical Assessment of Information Extraction systems in Biology
United States 2832unstable198.24
tmBioC - text-mining BioC
United States 2unstable0.17
iSimp - A Sentence Simplification System for Biomedical Text
United States 2unstable0.34
tagtog - tagtog United Kingdom 4alive1.00
Portugal 13alive3.25
NeuroPep - A Comprehensive Resource of Neuropeptides
China 3alive0.99
United States 13alive1.84
PubDNA Finder
Spain 11dead0.00
The Ruby UCSC API Japan 0unstable0.00
UniCarb-DB - UniCarb-DB Australia 65dead0.00
Recode-2 Ireland 35alive4.29
The imprinted gene and parent-of-origin effect database New Zealand 551unstable19.01
Deja vu - Deja vu
United States 56dead0.00
TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource United States 768unstable40.70
WormBook - the online review of Caenorhabditis elegans biology United States 51alive4.64
IC4R - Information Commons for Rice China 1alive0.50
EBI - The European Bioinformatics Institute United Kingdom 610unstable16.52
United Kingdom 2unstable0.50
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information United States 16174unstable305.51
PhenoMiner - Online database of phenotypes and associated disorders
United Kingdom 0alive0.00
Ebola-KB - Ebola virus-centered Knowledge Base United States 0unstable0.00
FLOR-ID - Flowering Interactive Database Belgium 4alive2.00
FAIRDOMHub United Kingdom 0unstable0.00
United States 0alive0.00
CLD - Corvids Literature Database Germany 0alive0.00
Taiwan 1unstable0.44
Sweden 0unstable0.00
United States 0alive0.00
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.