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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
AnimalTFDB - Animal Transcription Factors Database China 82alive13.26
MiCroKiTS - Midbody,Centrosome,Kinetochore,Telomere and Spindle China 29alive3.63
miRNEST - miRNEST Poland 35alive5.78
TreeFam - database of phylogenetic trees United Kingdom 529alive44.08
Expression Atlas - Expression Atlas United Kingdom 90unstable14.18
SigReannot-mart France 7alive0.99
MEDIC - CTD's MEDIC disease vocabulary United States 54alive9.00
IEDB - The Immune Epitope Database United States 28alive3.96
PA-GOSUB - Proteome Analyst: Gene Ontology Molecular Function and Subcellular Localization Canada 29unstable2.05
miRecords - An Integrated Resource for MicroRNA-target Interactions United States 745dead0.00
APD - Antimicrobial Peptide Database United States 572alive62.92
OMIA - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals Australia 27unstable2.02
DBAASP - Database of Antimicrobial Activity and Structure of Peptides Georgia 9alive2.25
MetazSecKB - Metazoa (Human/Animal) Secretome and Subcellular Proteome KnowledgeBase United States 0unstable0.00
CAMPR3 - Collection of Anti-Microbial Peptides India 1alive0.49
KGCAK - A K-mer based database for genome-wide phylogeny and complexity evaluation China 0unstable0.00
CGDB - Circadian Gene DataBase China 0alive0.00
The Monarch Initiative United States 2unstable0.18
GVM - Genome Variation Map China 0alive0.00
ICG - A knowledgebase of Internal Control Genes for RT-qPCR normalization China 0alive0.00
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.