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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
MethBank - Methylation Bank China 6alive2.00
APASdb - Alternative PolyAdenylation Sites Database China 4unstable0.75
EPD - Eukaryotic Promoter Database Switzerland 32unstable8.43
tRFdb - Transfer RNA related Fragments Database United States 4alive1.31
lncRNAdb Australia 351alive49.64
InParanoid - ortholog groups with inparalogs Sweden 1253alive95.42
MatrixDB - The extracellular matrix interaction database France 4alive1.32
NONCODE - Noncoding RNAs China 637unstable35.28
Reactome - A Curated Pathway Database United States 615unstable103.01
APPRIS - Annotating Principal Splice Isoforms Spain 39alive7.80
EENdb - Database of Engineered EndoNucleases China 35unstable6.58
ZFIN - Zebrafish Information Network United States 899alive42.38
ZInC - Zebrafish Insertional Collection United States 15unstable1.02
OGEE - Online GEne Essentiality database China 77alive12.83
zfishbook - zebrafish book United States 3alive0.50
GONUTS - Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System United States 13unstable0.97
AREsite - AU-rich Elements Site Austria 110alive15.56
mESAdb - microRNA sequence and expression database Turkey 18alive2.57
Pigment_Cell United States 3unstable0.13
SalmonDB - A Database for salmonids species Chile 14alive1.94
PhenoDigm - PHENOtype comparisons for DIsease and Gene Models United Kingdom 44unstable7.13
miRBase Tracker - miRBase Tracker Belgium 14unstable3.29
miRror-Suite - A dual view on sets of microRNAs and their targets Israel 33alive4.08
Zebrafish GenomeWiki - 'Wiki'-based resource to provide an altruistic shared environment for collective annotation of zebrafish genes India 3unstable0.71
PaGenBase - Pattern Gene Database China 8unstable1.46
C-It Germany 11alive1.36
DetoxiProt - An integrated database of detoxification proteins China 3unstable0.26
ECgene - ECgene Korea Rep. 167unstable6.29
PolyA_DB United States 83alive6.38
DED - Database of Evolutionary Distances United States 6dead0.00
DG-CST - Disease Gene Conserved Sequence Tags Database Italy 17alive1.29
Transterm New Zealand 108alive6.55
PIG - Pathogen Interaction Gateway United States 55unstable1.16
CleanEST Korea Rep. 14unstable1.42
ExDom - ExDom United States 10unstable0.23
microTranspoGene - The influence of Transposed Elements (TEs) on the biogenesis of microRNAs Israel 56alive5.54
TranspoGene - TranspoGene Israel 56alive5.54
4DXpress - Expression Database in Four Dimensions Germany 36dead0.00
GenBank - GenBank United States 46415unstable492.28
MouseNet - Probabilistic Functional Gene Network for Laboratory Mouse,Mus Musculus Korea Rep. 0unstable0.00
MEPD - Medaka Expression Pattern Database Germany 0alive0.00
CRISPRz United States 0unstable0.00
SSBD - Systems Science of Biological Dynamics database Japan 7alive2.33
LncVar - genetic variation associated with long non-coding genes China 2alive1.98
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.