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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
MoonProt - Moonlighting Proteins Database United States 20alive6.53
MiCroKiTS - Midbody,Centrosome,Kinetochore,Telomere and Spindle China 29alive3.63
Genomicus - Genomes in Evolution France 182alive22.52
NutriChem - A Systems Chemical Biology Resource to Explore the Medicinal Value of Plant-based Foods. Denmark 2alive0.65
PLAZA - An online platform for plant comparative genomics Belgium 196unstable16.99
PNRD - Plant Non-coding RNA Database China 10unstable3.07
Plastid-LCGbase - The Plastid Lineage-based Conserved Gene-pair Database China 2unstable0.41
miRNEST - miRNEST Poland 35alive5.78
Ensembl Genomes - Ensembl Genome Annotation System United Kingdom 293alive36.63
Expression Atlas - Expression Atlas United Kingdom 90unstable17.77
GoMapMan - GoMapMan Slovenia 16alive4.00
P-MITE - Plant Miniature Inverted Transposable Element database China 24alive5.76
PlantTFDB - Plant Transcription Factor Database China 684unstable45.83
Gramene - A comparative resource for plants United States 79alive19.75
P3DB - Plant Protein Phosphorylation DataBase United States 129alive13.90
PlantRNA France 13alive2.50
NPACT - Naturally occuring Plant based Anticancerous Compound-Activity-Target DataBase India 70alive5.00
PIECE - Plant Intron Exon Comparison and Evolution database United States 27unstable2.59
PRGdb Italy 98unstable3.06
MetaCrop - Metabolic pathways in crop plants Germany 73alive7.23
Phytozome - The Plant Genomics Resource United States 746unstable29.84
PlantNATsDB - Plant Natural Antisense Transcripts Database China 23alive3.72
PLEXdb - Plant Expression Database United States 136alive22.67
GreenPhylDB - GreenPhylDB France 130unstable3.25
NIASGBdb - NIAS Genebank database Japan 14alive1.98
SigReannot-mart France 7alive0.99
GrameneMart - BioMart data portal for the Gramene project United States 16alive2.67
GnpIS - Genetic and Genomic Information System France 9unstable0.49
FSRD - Fungal Stress Response Database Hungary 8alive1.58
dbPPT - Database of Protein Phosphorylation in Plants China 5alive1.25
EssOilDB - ESSential OIL DataBase India 4unstable0.89
ChloroSSRdb - Chloroplastic Simple Sequence Repeats Database India 5unstable0.97
PlantCAZyme - A database for plant carbohydrate-active enzymes United States 3unstable0.69
DroughtDB - Drought Stress Gene Database Germany 2alive0.67
PTGBase - Plant Tandem duplicated Genes dataBase China 1unstable0.30
Plant-PrAS - Plant-Protein Annotation Suite Japan 4alive1.33
SKPDB - ShiKimate Pathway DataBase Brazil 22dead0.00
MPIC - Mitochondrial Protein Import Components Database Australia 5alive1.67
PA-GOSUB - Proteome Analyst: Gene Ontology Molecular Function and Subcellular Localization Canada 29unstable2.03
PEDANT - Protein Extraction, Description and ANalysis Tool Germany 523alive30.76
openSputnik - A database to ESTablish comparative plant genomics Finland 28dead0.00
PlantMarkers - A database of predicted molecular markers from plants Finland 62dead0.00
PMRD - Plant MicroRNA Database China 191unstable19.82
PlnTFDB - Plant Transcription Factor Database Germany 246alive30.44
SALAD Japan 36alive4.37
APD - Antimicrobial Peptide Database United States 572alive62.28
GabiPD - GABI Primary Database Germany 36alive3.88
PhytAMP - antimicrobial plant peptides Tunisia 105unstable3.15
PlantGDB United States 148alive14.50
PODB3 - The plant organelles database 3 Japan 43unstable4.09
PO - the Plant Ontology Database United States 125alive12.25
dbRES - dbRES China 20unstable0.87
PathoPlant - PathoPlant Germany 33alive2.97
PlantTA - TIGR Plant Transcript Assemblies (TA) database United States 169alive15.36
ForestTreeDB - ForestTreeDB Canada 29unstable1.85
ChloroplastDB - Chloroplast Genome Database United States 68unstable5.04
Phytome United States 38alive3.17
Plant MPSS databases - signature-based transcriptional resources for analyses of mRNA and small RNA United States 231unstable15.21
DBAASP - Database of Antimicrobial Activity and Structure of Peptides Georgia 9alive2.25
GREENC - Green Non-Coding Database Spain 0alive0.00
Assembly United States 4unstable0.82
PlantPAN - Plant Promoter Analysis Navigator Taiwan 188alive18.80
PGSB PlantsDB - Plant Genome and Systems Biology PlantsDB Germany 1alive0.50
CSDBs - Carbohydrate Structure Databases Russian Federation 2alive1.00
KGCAK - A K-mer based database for genome-wide phylogeny and complexity evaluation China 0unstable0.00
RNALocate China 0alive0.00
CGDB - Circadian Gene DataBase China 0alive0.00
EURISCO - European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources Germany 0alive0.00
PceRBase - Plant ceRNA database China 0unstable0.00
PlaMoM - Plant Mobile Macromolecules Hong Kong SAR China 1unstable0.84
Plant Reactome United States 2alive2.00
PMDBase China 0alive0.00
PmiRExAt - plant miRNA expression atlas database India 0unstable0.00
PGP - Plant Genomics and Phenomics Research Data Repository Germany 4alive2.00
P-SAMS - Plant Small RNA Maker Site United States 8alive3.96
Cas-Database Korea Rep. 1alive0.50
GVM - Genome Variation Map China 0alive0.00
ICG - A knowledgebase of Internal Control Genes for RT-qPCR normalization China 0alive0.00
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.