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Database name Data type(s) Major organism(s) Location Citation* Status z-index
LSD - Leaf Senescence DataBase China 42unstable5.34
MIPS PlantsDB - Plant Genome and Systems Biology Germany 43alive8.60
MetaCrop - Metabolic pathways in crop plants Germany 73alive7.23
the CEREALAB database - Cereals genotypic phenotypic source Italy 16unstable1.10
dbWFA - Database of Wheat Functional Annotation France 2unstable0.09 - WheatGenome.information Australia 30alive4.95
wDBTF - Inventory Database of Wheat Transcription Factor France 19unstable1.88
CoP - Co-expressed biological Processes Japan 51alive6.31
CR-EST - IPK Crop EST Database Germany 40unstable2.06
HRGD - Heterosis Related gene Database China 6unstable0.63
* Citations derived from Google Scholar.